"The Alchemist of Preservers" Head Grocery Buyer, Selfridges

"Promises to take the world by storm" Dan Lepard, World Marmalade Awards

"Jam with Attitude" Judges, Great Taste Awards 

"A box of jewelled treasures" Sheila, Oswestry

"My husband loves your marmalade more than he does me!" Helen, York

"Truly magnificent - A desert island of a marmalade indeed!" Hiro, New York

"Thank you so much for the luxurious preserves which arrived today.  The presentation never fails to please" Sarah, Swansea

"This tastes so good, it should be illegal!"  Sarah, Fleet

"We used to wake up feeling really grumpy and our mornings were miserable.  Your marmalade is the highlight of our day and has cheered us up enormously.  We now won't get out of bed for anything less!"  Gabriella, London

"Your Christmas giftboxs have become an eagerly anticipated present from us to the team" Edward, Box

"Radnor Preserves makes the ordinary taste extraordinary" Toby, London

"The highlight of the Abergavenny Food Festival" John, Swansea

"Exceptional in every way, great set, taste, presentation and look!" Larkin Cen, Cardiff

"So good, there is no point making my own marmalade any more" John, Edinburgh

"Explore your boundaries!" Elen, Leek

"This has changed my life" Oscar, Woodbridge