Marmalade is essentially British–indeed Churchill insisted on Seville Oranges being imported to Britain during the war as he thought marmalade vitally important for morale. Louisa May Alcott noted “A choice pot of marmalade and a slice of cold ham are essentials of British table comfort.” Fictional marmalade addicts famously range from James Bond to Paddington Bear, and many travellers cannot depart for foreign lands without packing an essential jar. In my kitchen, nothing can beat the uplifting scent of Seville oranges, bringing new life and hope to the grim dark days of January. But marmalade is also about the seductive warmth that Rhubarb & Ginger breathes into spring or Ruby Red Grapefruit & Elderflower with its intoxicating taste of summer. Pumpkin & Ginger cheerfully carries you from autumn into winter and Clementine & Cointreau Marmalade is a gorgeous festive treat.